The Battlecocks at Ropes and Wires!

Last year we decided we decided we would make a team with Jack and Joe Battleday to enter Ropes and Wires 2013. After putting the two names together we came up with the imaginative name… “The Battlecocks”.  Sadly in 2013 we were a man down due to Jack being injured so didn’t finish as well as we had hoped. However we returned this year (2014) with a full team with everyone riding awesome! We got down for practice on the morning of the comp and everyone was riding good. As it came to our cable time we were all riding good until sadly I broke my board but at least I had put down a few good tricks. We got off the water and tried to fix my board before we had to go on boat. When we thought we had fixed it we went and did our boat comp. Ryan and Joe rode sick putting down some big tricks then I went down and broke my board again second trick but somehow managed to carry on putting down most my good tricks I could. Finally we sent Jack out who killed it which ended up securing us the top spot for the 2014 Box End Ropes and Wires 2014.

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