2014 IWWF World Championships

On the 10th of August Ryan and I travelled to Norway with the GB Wakeboard Team for the IWWF World Championships. When we arrived at the hotel after a very long bus journey we dumped our bags down in our rooms and went to check out the cable and have a ride. When we got down to Norsjo Cable Park we were all excited to ride and happy to see our friends again. We went out for the first time on the cable and got used to it by trying different runs and tricks. After a few laps I had tried and landed my double flip a couple of times and Ryan had even landed one. Most people liked the cable and we all especially liked the giant land blob/ trampoline thingy. For the next couple of days we walked the 1km walk down to the cable each morning and chilled out before warming up and going out to ride. We then put our kit away and walked home again debating whether or not the bridge was low enough to jump off and survive. After one day without riding it was time to compete for us to compete. Both Ryan and I went out in our qualifying heat and I got straight through to the finals and Ryan got straight trough to the semi final. Ryan went out in the semi finals and landed his runs which got him into the finals. when it came to finals I went out and landed my easy run with my double flip which put me on podium, then on my second I put down my switch mobe 5 and double flip which put me in 1st. It all came down to the last rider who put down a sick run meaning I got 2nd which I was stoked with! then Ryan went out and landed his first run clean which put him in 3rd then after sadly going down on an S mobe 5 he finished up 3rd which he was happy with. After watching an awesome Open Men’s final we travelled home.

The whole trip was awesome and we want to say a special thanks to Ck Koester for being an awesome Team GB coach and helping us all out with our runs and warming up etc.

team gb rainy liam world podium ryan wolkrd podium

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